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iLEAD Student Council is the official student union of iLEAD. We exist to provide various services to our current students. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are honest, transparent and responsible in our work. We are here to provide opportunities, help to create change and offer support.

Standing up because of you. For you. iLEAD Student Council.

Student Council 2018 - 2019

  • Ibrahim Ali


  • Vishal Roy Chowdhury


  • Survi Agarwal

    General Secretary

  • Rohit Chokhani

    Joint Secretary

Student Council

  • Academics
  • Discipline
  • Cultural
  • Events
  • Sports
  • Corporate Relations
  • Literary
  • Social Media
  • Film & Photography
  • Alumni
  • Students Affairs
  • Student Council Team

Student Head: Akanksha Priyam (MSc 2017-2019), Shreya Tulsian (BBA 2016-19)

Assistant- Heads: Bikram Chatterjee (BMS2017-2020), Upasana Khandelwal (BBA 2017-2020),

Mentor: Dr. Debasis Ray, Anindita Rudhra, Madhubanti Mitra

Student Head: Vatsala Jhunjhunwala (BBA 2016-19)

Assistant- Heads: Shobhit Rao (BBA 2017-2020), Riya Surana (BMS2017-2020)

Mentor: Dr. Debasis Ray, Dr. Ishita Datta Ray

Assistant- Heads: Dipankita Ghosh(BMS2017-2020), Ronit Singh (BMS2017-2020)

Mentor: Sanjukta Manna, Aishwarya Chatterjee, Sinjini Ghosh

Student Head: Aman Jain (BBA 2016-19), Yaash Agarwal (BMS 2016-19)

Assistant- Heads: Srishti Prasad (BMS2017-2020), Mankaran Singh (BBA 2017-2020)

Mentor: Amreen Izhar, Mrittika Ghosh & Priyanka Jaiswal

Student Head: Abhishek Ranka (BBA 2016-19)

Assistant- Heads: Debasmit Chakraborty (BBA 2017-2020), Faiz Alam (BBA 2017-2020)

Mentor: Prosenjit Auddy, Sarwar Hossian

Student Head: Sakchi Agarwal (BBA 2016-19)

Assistant- Heads: Roshni Bera (BMS2017-2020)

Mentor: Urmimala Dey, Debasree Dutta, Krishnendu Das, Kasturi Basu

Student Head: Shreya Gupta (BMS 2016-19)

Assistant- Heads: Neha Mishra (BMS2017-2020), Pranay Ghosh(BMS2017-2020)

Mentor: Ankon Roy & Aradhna Das

Student Head: Ritika Shah (MSc 2017-2019)

Assistant- Heads: Shivam Agarwal(BMS2017-2020), Anmol (BMS2017-2020), Praveen Khaitan (BMS2017-2020)

Mentor: Mom Mitra & Nirabari Bandyopadhyay

Student Head: Sristy Kedia (BMS 2016-19)

Assistant- Heads: Punit Agarwal (BMS2017-2020)

Mentor: Archan Mitra & Biswadeep Bhattacharya

Student Head: Abinash Mishra (BBA 2016-19)

Assistant- Heads: Ankita Satpathy (BMS2017-2020)

Mentor: Anindita Bose & Kunal Sil

Student Head: Amrita Mundhra (BBA 2016-19)

Assistant- Heads: Vedant Dugar (BBA 2017-2020)

Mentor: Anindita Bose

Student Council Members

2018 - 2019

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Student Election

Each Summer at iLEAD, students have the opportunity to vote in a consistent, respectful, and transparent manner.

Your voice. Your choice.

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