Congratulation for your Success

Shiladitya Bose

21 Feb 2017

A lot of you might not know this, but about 4 years back when I finished taking my ISC examinations, my friends and I planned to go to Goa and then for a Tiesto concert at Mumbai, hosted by Sunburn Festival. I purchased the ticket through my mom's debit card and I was ecstatic about everything but When I reached the box office, the guys told me that the debit card holder must be present while the ticket is being issued. Unable to get through to my mom, I couldn't get access to the grounds. My friends, in the meantime already went inside and it was impossible for me to contact them due to network issues. I didn't want to disturb them either. So with tears in my eye I walked out of the box office enclosure and walked towards the back stage where I might have gotten to watch Tiesto live. Lost Stories were warming up then and the crowd seemed enthralled. I waited and waited and waited and then I finally gave up. As I was leaving, I saw his convoy come in, him getting out with his then girlfriend and I screamed his name out. He gave me a little wave which made my day. After that he walked into the arena the guards asked us to leave. I left with tears in my eyes as the LED backdrop turned into tri colour with Tiesto written on it and the arena chanting his name. On my way back. I promised myself one thing. One day. I will be standing behind that acrylic and nobody will stop me from making people dance. Once I came back to Kolkata, people started asking me "can you get crowd" so I gave up. Then they were like " Kya karega talent Ka, paisa Dikha Bhai." Haha. For all those who don't know me properly, I'm a 22 year old college student and I come from a family where my father is a humble Indian classical virtuoso who has always guided me even though our paths in music are completely different and my mother works as an assistant general manager of a power company. We are a family of 7 (including my youngest brother pogo) and I don't possess the kind of money to invest in my career. My biggest support systems are my mother and my girlfriend. Whatever little I have done, I have done with the help of my family and a few friends whom I like to call family. I came back to Kolkata with a heavy heart and I stuck a sunburn poster on my cupboard. I woke up every morning to it and I wished I would be there one day. It took me time, but I realised if you really want something, believe in yourself and believe in the people who believe in you. Last Saturday night. One of my biggest dreams came true. Yes, dreams come true.