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iLEAD’s mission is to enable effective access to the world of knowledge through collaborations with universities and institutes from all around the world. To fulfil this mission, we have signed MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with numerous institutes and universities from around the world. The MOU aims at international projects and exchange of students, faculty, scholars and resource sharing programs based on the principles of equality and reciprocity, fairness and voluntariness

Other than individual collaborations iLEAD is also a part of the Oxonia University Network, which is an international university network formally launched on 12th December 2013 in St. Catherine’s College, the University of Oxford. The network comprises of senior executives from universities and institutes in over 17 countries. It is committed to collaborations and partnerships amongst institutions that are dedicated to Higher Education (HE), entrepreneurial engagement and research.

The fundamental values of the member institutes of Oxonia University Network are diversity, cooperation and continuous quality improvement. Members of this network share the common doctrine of advancing internationalisation for fellow members.

The Oxonia University Network also assists each member university to achieve its individual international mission through a range of opportunities and sharing the best practices in higher education. The network also lends a helping hand in the exchange of expertise, physical resources, initiatives; research collaboration, and scholarly activities among its members.

The Oxonia University Network aims to provide mutual support to its members in establishing "Centres of Excellence" for academic quality and research. This would help the member institutes or universities cultivate a more competitive presence in the global higher education arena.

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