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Every corner of iLEAD inspires the student into a world of leadership and development. From the lobby level to the rooftop the iLEAD campus is an example of quality and latest innovations. Quotes, images, television screens, bulletin boards, artefacts and festival decorations decks the space in a warm welcome and weaves inspiration. With every turn and at every floor you will see state-of-the-art infrastructure that is meant to take a student miles ahead along with course curriculums.

Greenery, recycling initiatives, vintage artefacts and frames of this infrastructure envelops the dreamer inside an iLEAD student.


  • Media Production Facilities
  • Library and audio visual library
  • Gymnasium
  • Sports complex
  • Auditorium
  • Casblanca and Chinatown
  • Bookstore
  • Rooftop
  • Classroom
  • New campus
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I Feel Fitness

I Feel Fitness, iLEAD's fitness program, focuses on the need to be consistent in the progress towards mental and physical fitness. I Feel Fitness gym at the iLEAD new campus has state of the art equipment and expert trainers who will guide and mentor you for achieving your fitness goals.

Fitness Specialist
I Feel Fitness
gym at iLEAD Kolkata
Fitness Class at iLEAD
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Dale Carnegie Auditorium

The iLEAD auditorium divided into three parts, the First Part (27.6 x24 sq ft), the Second Part (27.9x20.9 sqft),  and Third Part (27.9x 21.9 sq ft)  can be converted into a single space by folding the doors and also used as singular, separate spaces based on the purpose – events, theatre rehearsal, Student Council meetups and many more.   2.1 surround sound system and soundproof acoustics along with projector, boards for taking classes and screen makes the iLEAD auditorium a one of its kind.  
Auditorium at iLEAD
Auditorium at iLEAD Kolkata
Auditorium at iLEAD
iLEAD auditorium
iLEAD auditorium
iLEAD kolkata auditorium
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Globally, famous colleges and universities are built surrounding its library as it is considered the backbone of education and the center of knowledge which enlightens all minds.
Named after – “The Fountainhead” a 1943 novel by Ayn Rand, the iLEAD main library nurtures reading habits of students and attracts book lovers from all over the world. It has a collection of 15000 + books.
The online database of the iLEAD library: KOHA helps you monitor everything from existing books to new arrivals of Books, Journals, CDs, DVD, Bound Volume, Magazines, Reference Book and Text Books.
The library is a treasure trove of an ever growing collection of around 15000 books, 28 journals, 35 magazines and 11 newspapers. All these valuable resources are well organized in the 2681.32 sq. ft. area where 48 users can sit at a time.To fulfill the ever growing information thirst of students and staff library has also taken Institutional membership of following libraries – British Council Library and American Library.
Library and audio visual library
audio visual library
Library and audio visual library at iLEAD

You can browse books and read international newspapers for free through the membership system made with British Council Library. One can also borrow books from American Library through the membership system.
Stock and services of iLEAD library are aimed to meet under graduate and post graduate level study. Membership is open to all students and staff of iLEAD as well as to external members on all working days from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Explorer’s World

which is the Audio Visual wing of the fully computerized iLEAD has more than 5000 CDs and DVDs which includes Animated Movies, Documentaries, Fiction, Thriller and much more. It also has 2000 e-resources which include e-books, documentaries, tutorials and articles on various subjects.
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The new iLEAD Sports Complex is the latest arena in the city where all sports teams are gearing up for their path towards glorious victories in various tournaments. The lush and green world class FIFA Certified Astroturf grounds is a venue for a range of sports like Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Tug of War, Badminton and much more. Even when the sun goes down the games intensify in the light of the flood lights as the audience cheer for their teams. If you cannot make it to the venue the Live Streaming Facility will help you witness every moment of the game on screen be it in your mobile phones, laptops or any other device. The net barricaded state of the art playground with air conditioned VIP Box, refreshment corners and all facilities for instant medical care also include an entertainment stand for Live Performances.  There are also facilities for indoor games like Billiards and Chess. During Adrenaline, iLEAD’s annual sports event this Sports Complex turns into a sports battleground between various colleges aiming for glory. A photographer’s delight for capturing sporting actions the complex looks glorious, post sunset when matches often continue in the greenery.   
Football Match at iLEAD

Football Match

Cricket Match at iLEAD

Cricket Match

Table Tennis at iLEAD

Table Tennis

Obstacle Race at iLEAD

Obstacle Race

Indoor Carrom at iLEAD


Pool at iLEAD


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The Moroccan themed pathway leads to Casablanca, the rooftop canteen and food court. The space welcomes you to a galore of visuals from history of sea trade. A look at walls will inform you about Vasco Da Gama, Prince Henry the navigator, The Dutch, French, British and Danish East India Companies.While waiting for your plate of scrumptious Thali you can also read about Thalis, Desi Fast Food and much more directly from the walls. Also in the walls you will find showpieces like ships, antique pistols, ceramics and much more.
At a very reasonable price you will get weekly meals like Chola Batura, Chinese Thali, Pau Bhaji and Indian Thali. Snacks include Samosa, Veg Momo, Pasta, Veg Burger, Pizza and much more. Tea, coffee, cold drinks and a range of ice creams are also a favourite among the students hanging out at Casablanca.

China Town

At the far end of the corridor in the lobby level stands China Town, a famous hangout space of the iLEAD campus which is a dedication to everything Chinese.
There are showpieces like Chinese Umbrella, Tea Cups, Chinese toys and wall hangings. You will also find Chinese quotes and proverbs on the walls, History of Tea and much more.
If you love Green Tea, Coffee and Tea in general along with friends and books then China Town is the right place to hang out. This space also serves as a venue for High Tea.

Casblanca and Chinatown at iLEAD Kolkata
Casblanca and Chinatown
Casblanca and Chinatown at iLEAD
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Books are the best gift you can gift to yourself or anyone.  The iLEAD bookstore has a range of 70,000 titles out of which on a yearly basis a minimum of 30,000 titles are sold. Paperback fictions can be purchased at Rs 50, hardbound fiction originally for £ 10 on an average can be purchased at Rs 150, hardbound biographies originally for £ 20 on an average can be purchased at Rs 250, and pictorial biographies originally for £ 30 on an average can be purchased at Rs 350.
Other books which include Encyclopedia, dictionaries, books on Health, Sports, Hobbies, Gardening, Travel, Art, Photography, Housekeeping, Historical Places, Atlases and much more come at a 75% discount. All the books are by British publishers and are imported from United Kingdom. From December through January during the sale season, on purchase of two books, one book can be obtained for free. 
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The FIFA certified Astro Turf grass adorns the rooftop with students hanging out in the greenery with their guitars or books. Glass walls and gateways between Casablanca and the rooftop greenery are replete with Transparent Vinyl Line Drawings of famous Kolkata places like GPO, Kolkata High Court, Currency House and many more.  Also in the rooftop you will “Chitrashala Art Gallery” which is decorated with frames of well-known ancient Indian personalities from field of medicine, science, literature and much more.  

 at iLEAD
iLEAD Rooftop
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Chroma Studio

A unique state of the art studio that helps you to create on screen narratives, conduct interviews, transport your audience to any location or have photo shoots. This is a multi cam studio with Production Control Room. Photography practical classes and workshops are also done here.

AV Lab

It is from this lab that numerous award winning iLEAD student films have been edited. With numerous MAC and Windows set ups at your disposal, you can edit multiple projects here. In the AV Lab mentors also conduct Video Editing classes, guide students with their post-production and help them learn and execute projects within deadlines.

Audio Studio

The iLEAD Audio Studio gives you access to tools like Nuendo, ProTools, Tascam Recorder, Microphone and Lapels etc.

For Outdoor Shoots:

Lightweight HD Camera

Portable Lights

Boom Rods



Macbooks for on location edit

Post Production Studio

Seasoned, skilled and qualified post production team implements their genius along with students who complete multiple projects from this studio.

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Inspired from the Heritage Restoration and the DIY maker’s movements across the world, the foundations of the new iLEAD campus is based on a vision to promote recycling and reuse of old and materials of heritage value. The new campus, just a stone’s through away from iLEAD Campus 1 is an architectural marvel of effort and initiative. Innovative ideas and products created by iLEAD students are being showcased throughout the campus. The Vertical Garden or the Green Wall at the entrance is made with discarded pet bottles and plants. Adding to the visual feature of flora and fauna that radiates from this beauty, this alternative garden built with help of iLEAD students creates a layer of heat barrier to reduce harmful solar radiation.

In this campus there will be a makerspace called “The Restoration and Recycler’s Paradise” will enable students to learn a range of Do-It-Yourself activities. The décor of this makerspace will surprise you with sheer brilliance of innovation and ideas. There are chandeliers made out of old beer bottles, flower beds made out of old tyres and many other usable items built from discarded materials. Here, old barrels are being used as sitting tools, refurnished vintage materials like antique furniture and refurnished, old and discarded electrical gadgets are also being reused. It will also have an exclusive library containing both print and audio visual material on recycling ideas and “Do It Yourself” books that you will not find anywhere else in India.
From science labs to dance floors, from state of the art staff rooms to classrooms that testify innovation and creativity the new iLEAD campus is the latest buzz in town.
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iLEAD’s air conditioned classrooms are at par with international standards and now all classrooms are installed with Thermal insulators on the ceilings which regulates the temperature during summer and winter. Each classroom named after stalwarts like Jamshedji Tata, Indra Nooyi, Bill Gates, Charlie Chaplin and Henry Ford are replete with inspiring quotes and images from the legend’s life. Geared with facilities for AV presentations, these rooms are an example of how iLEAD creates a unique learning experience.
classrooms at iLEAD
iLEAD Classrooms
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