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iLEAD Offsite at Mandarmani


Event On : 08 Jan 2016

An amazing weekend formed a brilliant start to 2016 for students, faculty and other staff members of iLEAD. ‘Offsite @Mandarmani’ held between 8th till the 10th was a great success that students, particularly the last batches of the institute would cherish throughout their lives.

It all began around 8-8:30 on Friday morning when staffs and students were ready to hit the road. The journey was no doubt exciting, despite a hectic one. On reaching the destination, the bus travelled right till the resort, ‘ADV Kanvas’ where the members had put up for the next 2 days. Everyone was absolutely awestruck when the bus took them for a beach drive (which is normally not allowed). Surely, a welcome change from the fatigue experienced during the travel!
Going by the verdict of the travelers, the food was simply lip smacking. From breakfast to lunch, snacks to dinner, everyone was treated to sumptuous food. Besides, activities like DJ night, bonfire, treasure hunt and some quirky games kept iLEAD students and employees on their toes.
Mandarmani’s beach characterized by the sight of crabs, coconut water and delicacies like fried fishes was definitely a relief from the monotony of routine life. The pleasant ambience of the resort with ample options for fun and relaxation (the swimming pool, a must mention) only added to the fun spirit.

The day of return finally arrived. Excepting for another round of tedious journey, everything was in place. While more trips lie in the pipeline, 2016 surely started with a bang.

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