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iLEAD Eye Check Up Camp


Event On : 16 Mar 2017

iLEADorganized an Eye Check Up Camp in collaboration with GKB Opticals for all employees   at the iLEAD auditorium on March 16th. This checkup camp held at the iLEAD auditorium between 11:00 am – 4:00 pm was free of cost. Added to this was also an offer of a 15 % discount on frames, sunglasses and contact lenses from any GKB Optical Store given to the employees who registered for the free checkup.  This checkup was helpful for those who face eye strains, blurred visions, irritation, dry eyes, headaches, photophobia and other eye related problems.  

The Better Vision Program by GKB Opticals at office premises ensures eye testing by a team of qualified Optometrist and eye care professionals.  

The objectives of this eye care program were to:

Increase Awareness for correct and clear vision among members of corporate world to help them perform maximally in all spheres.  
Offer sincere services for benefit of all employees.  

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