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Event On : 10 Nov 2017

The students of BMS and MSc 1st year at iLEAD showcased their talents and understanding of various communication theories through posters, models and presentations. The judges of this fair included Mrs. Subha Das Mollick and Ms Mom Mitra, distinguished faculties of the Media science department of iLEAD. The various communication models and theories presented during the fair included: Aristotle’s Communication Model, Shanon and Weaver’s Model of Communication, The Newcomb’s Model, Berlo’s SMCR model of Communication, Cultivation Theory and many more.

The Winners were
• Best Communication Model - BMS 1B, Group G for presenting Laswell’s Model of Communication
• Best Communication Theory - M.Sc 1A for presenting Magic Bullet or Hypodermic Needle Theory of Communication
• Overall Best Presenter: BMS 1A, Group A for presenting Cultivation & Authoritarian Theory

Event Video

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