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Talk session on Social Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets


Event On : 06 Aug 2018

iLEAD organized a scintillating session on one of the most burning issues of modern times. The issue was Social Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets. The talk session was mentored by Cynthia Helen. Cynthia is globally recognized social entrepreneur, writer- producer-director, technologist and international speaker. Cynthia is also the founder and CEO of SMPLCT Lab. She also served as a chapter leader of New York Women Social Entrepreneurs. She enlightened the student of iLEAD about the emergence of social entrepreneurship and its interesting dynamics in the complex emerging markets. She focused on the fact that social entrepreneurship is not at all a new phenomena in the social history of mankind. Social entrepreneurship has been intensively developing in all regions of world including the emerging markets. This major form of social resource utilization and human development is seeking to find alternative solutions to world most complex and vicious socio- economic problems. There is also lack of unified definition, boundaries and forms of social entrepreneurship. She even talked about the difference of the emerging markets from the markets of the developed countries. The understanding, drivers and context of social entrepreneurship creates the real difference of perception in different countries. Development of empirical research which is not bounded to single case studies but based on gathering and analyzing data can make real practical contribution. Revealing the historical and institutional aspects of social entrepreneurship enhances the comparative analysis across the countries. The major points of social entrepreneurship with respect to emerging markets included the following-

Historical background of social entrepreneurship in the developing market architecture

Clear cut understanding of social entrepreneurship in society and its legal definition

Institutional context of social entrepreneurship through understanding of drivers and encouraging bodies in the emerging markets

Patterns and models of social enterprise

Social entrepreneurship education, training and learning with special reference to the emerging markets

Role of sustainable development and overall economic development in emerging markets

Role of private equity ecosystem in development of innovative social welfare ideas

Using private capital to promote innovation and meeting socio economic goals of emerging markets

Social entrepreneurship competition in emerging markets

Scintillating innovations happening in emerging marketing in terms of blending varied areas of technologies with humanities and performing creative arts

Elements necessary for flourishing of social entrepreneurship in emerging markets

Learning from entrepreneurs in emerging markets who have contributed in solving the challenges of socio economic architecture

Coping up with cultural difference while executing social entrepreneurship

Transforming research and teaching about social entrepreneurship in emerging markets

Stress on making the Business Management and Technology graduates and postgraduates instrumental in pursuing social entrepreneurship

Finding talent for social enterprises in emerging markets

Investment of entrepreneurs in social development sectors in emerging market economies

The Business and Commercial aspects of Social Entrepreneurship

How social entrepreneurship tackles the complex cognitive, managerial and economic problems in emerging markets

The session ended with a clear understanding of the power of social entrepreneurship in emerging markets in transforming the world into a problem free place. The students also gained deep insights about this phenomena which would help them to take up social entrepreneurship as a career option.

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