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Session on how to create miniature museums in educational institutions at iLEAD


Event On : 19 May 2018

iLEAD and Murshidabad Heritage Development Society (MHDS) organized a session on stories which can be the theme for miniature museums in schools. iLEAD Chairman, Mr. Pradip Chopra, addressed the representative of the various schools to start their own school museums.

The session started with a presentation where the nature, scope and importance of miniature museums in school campuses were discussed in details. He even stressed on the factor that every educational institution should have an Alumni Hall of Fame which is to be created for inspiring students.

Mr. Sandip Nowlakha- Vice president of Murshidabad Heritage Development Society spoke about the cultural heritage of the erstwhile capital of Bengal, Murshidabad which once flourished in trade and commerce. He even invited the teachers of the school along with their students to visit Murshidabad as a part of their History and Social Science projects and also to write on the sites visited.

Mr. Chopra also spoke on how the iLEAD campus has been decorated like a museum. He also suggested the schools to have their in-house publications dealing with promotions and development of miniature school museums.

The representatives of the participating schools in the session like The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School and Vidyanjali High School also shared their ideas on how they can develop their own museum in their school campus.

The other points discussed during the session included-

Set up of campus radio and website channels

Enhancement of ideas using digital platforms and online media

Keeping historical artifacts in the educational premise and relics of eminent personalities

Teaching sciences through art forms and narrative techniques

Using painting to teach the crucial subjects of school education like Mathematics and literature

Making students generate their own ideas of learning through objects which can be exhibited in miniature museums

The session ended with all the distinguished guests of the heritage schools of Kolkata agreeing to set up their own miniature museum for making the students appreciate the history and culture of their community.

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