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Roadshow for Startups at iLEAD


Event On : 22 Apr 2017

On April 22nd, iLEAD hosted a “Roadshow for Start-ups”, a programme for young entrepreneurs conducted by Neoleap Business Ventures in association with Catapoolt. Entrepreneurs presented their business plans as experts from various fields listened to them and analysed their proposals.

Although such events have been organised in other metros, iLEAD is the first institute in Kolkata to have hosted a programme for young entrepreneurs. Similar sessions have been lined in Jaipur and Indore.Such programmes being organised across the country aim to act as a platform for young start-ups to present their ideas before mentors and investors.

At iLEAD, Mr. RaghavKanoria, founder and partner at Neoleap Business Ventures, spoke about how promising young players were coming up with new business ideas in the eastern part of the country. His speech focused on the investment part, while IIM Calcutta professor Mr. Chandradeep Maitra analysed the mindset of entrepreneurs.

Dr.BhaskarBhawmick, professor at IIT Kharagpur, spoke about the perspective and innovation of start-ups.He mentioned that “to be the best in any field, one needs passion and empathy and most people forget the latter”.Another panel member, Mr. Indranil Sarkar of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), told the audience the sort of difficulties young businessmen might face and how they could overcome them.

Mr. Kanoria mentioned how Neoleap’s four-month accelerator programme had been helping start-ups with shared services, mentoring, business connects and access to investors.When asked about the new mantra to become successful entrepreneurs, one of the experts said: “One can do anything but h/she has to know how to indulge the product using new technology.”

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