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POTTERSCORE - Quiz on Harry Potter


Event On : 27 Oct 2017

A Harry Potter theme based quiz contest was organized at iLEAD. The jury was Ms Mom Mitra, faculty of Media Science and Yash Kariwal, alumni of Media Dept. The quiz was hosted by two students of iLEAD – Rohit Chaukhani and Mehul Agarwal. The quiz contest was divided into five rounds – Riddles From Tales and Adventures of Harry Potter, Spellbound Round On The Spells Described in The Story, Audio Visual Questions From The Various Films Of Harry Potter, Spellbound Round On The Spells Described In The Story, Marking Theme Session In The Human Chess Round and The Final Round comprising of questions from Harry Potter books. The photo booth’s décor outside the auditorium was set up in Hogwarts style. The teams participating in the quiz were – Black, Potter, Malfoy, Weasley, Granger, Longbottom, Snape and many more. The winners of the quiz were team Longbottom (iLEAD students Mayank Agarwal and Anirban Das), followed by second position won by team Snape and third position by team Weasley. The quiz ended with felicitation of the winners and quiz souvenirs given as token of appreciation to the quiz participants.

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