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NEZ International Film Festival 2017


Event On : 17 Sep 2017

iLEAD organized NEZ International Film Festival for the third consecutive year in association with NIFF Director Mr Sumit Modak and Dr. Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar- Founder of NEZ Group. During the three days of the event, features, documentaries, shorts and ads were shown in the festival. iLEAD Chairman, Mr. Pradip Chopra, a distinguished educationist and philanthropist shared valuable words in this occasion and focused on the fact that film making should not only be restricted to creativity. He spoke about the importance of film media in removing the negativities of the society which are hampering the future generations. He also said, the derogatory publications in print and electronic media are hampering the mindset of the youth. Miss Rita Jhwar, co founder of NEZ Group is a Film Producer, Chartered Accountant and Builder. She was also the producer and cinematographer of the film Neti Neti. Miss Jhwar told the audience about the power of Films which registers in our mind than any other format of communication. She even told about the objective of Film Media as a potent tool of spreading love and good message. After the valuable comments of Miss Jhwar, Mr. Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar, the founder of the NEZ Group, an award winning director, painter, psychologist and poet told the audience about his vision of film making which deals with making people dream and setting a ground for people where people can talk about their dreams and aspirations. He also stressed on the point that his vision of film making goes beyond traditional film commerce and focuses on generating affirmative and meaningful ideas. Mr. Sarkar even appreciated the role of iLEAD as one of the best Media colleges in Eastern India and Mr Pradip Chopra’s vision for the Filmmakers and Media activists of current and future scenario. Ms Mandeep Ghai, associate festival director of NEZ International Film Festival was also present to grace the occasion at the iLEAD auditorium.

The films shown during the festival included –

• ‘Innocent Killer’ –a 97 minute Australian Film directed by Jon Claire and Asif Khan based on the life of an Indian Australian murderer and an intriguing artistic exploration of the mind of a serial killer.

• ‘Kichutta Somoy- A Few Moments’ , a Bengali film directed and produced by Saswati Bandyopadhyay revolves around the crisis in urban society.

• ‘Palyadawai’- A film directed and produced by Pragati Kolage based on the real life events of the hapless Paradhi Tribes in Indian subcontinent. The film is 2 hours or 120 minutes in length.

• ‘Pularum Iniyum Naalekal’- A film directed by Shilpa Krishnan Shukla, is a deviant romantic drama where the lovers who were once madly in love have moved on to help each other realize their shortcomings, discarded dreams and tenacity of relationships with their spouses. The duration of the film is 1hour and 10 minutes.

NIFF Team played a great role in making this 3 day event successful for the Media students and the cine lovers to be aware and learn from the current new wave of cinema. Benazir Kaazi- a professional anchor hosted the entire event in the iLEAD auditorium to make the audience appreciate the message spread through these short films. The NEZ International Film Festival at iLEAD like the previous years was yet another successful endeavor through the joint and active effort of iLEAD and NEZ team.

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