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Independence Day Celebration 2017


Event On : 15 Aug 2017

Every year the celebrations gets better at iLEAD and Independence Day 2017 was a treat for the audience on the morning of 15th August as iLEAD students delivered spellbinding performances. The welcome address was given by iLEAD Chairman Mr. Pradip Chopra where he mentioned that willpower and decision is the ultimate driving force for an individual to change the country because everything falls into place and all resources, help and support follows a person when he/she has a greater cause or a problem to solve. There are numerous problems in the great nation of India even after 70 years of independence and untold miseries lurk all around us. Once someone dedicates his/her life to solve a major crisis or problem, life becomes complete and moves towards a higher purpose. Celebrations will keep happening but the real purpose of independence will be attained if people dedicate themselves to such causes. The chief guest of the day, sub inspector of Pragati Maidan police Station, Mr. Piyush Kumar Baul spoke about the need for protecting our culture and nation. This was followed by the flag hoisting ceremony at the iLEAD rooftop as all students joined to sing the national anthem. At the auditorium vocal and dance performances and skits followed all of which spoke about harmony, patriotic spirit and self reflection in context of the motherland. Tunes like “Ekla Cholo Re” and thought provoking poems echoed in the hearts as everyone got together for snacks at cafeteria after the program, many still humming melodic tunes they heard at the auditorium.
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