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Health Camp at iLEAD for employees


Event On : 21 Jul 2016

“Good health is not something we can buy. However it can be an extremely valuable savings account” – Anne Wilson Schaef

In the midst of hard work, not everyone understands the value of health in daily life. But it is health that keeps the body and mind progressing towards a fulfilling life. Employees of iLEAD were treated to a free health checkup by doctors from Ruby Hospital at the institute’s auditorium on July 21 st . The health screening initiative was meant to provide an overview of one’s present health status and also for diagnosing diseases or risk factors beforehand, so that a referral could be made to the GP for further management. This noble gesture of care and concern by iLEAD in collaboration with Ruby Hospital and Apollo Munich Health Insurance, for its employees saw a day of packed auditorium.

Everyone lined up for a series of checkups, some listening to the consultants explaining tell-tale signs of any ailment that can be kept at bay via precautionary measures and some gleefully parading towards the exit knowing they are completely fit. Checkups included - Height, Weight, BMI, Random Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, ECG (as prescribed by the physician) in the Doctor’s room and a general physician consultation. Added to this was a Dental Checkup. Regular health checkups are vital to everyone, regardless of age and gender. Keeping in mind how doctor’s bills in the long run can add up to financial woes, scheduling checkups can actually help detect problems even before they begin. Besides, moving forward as a team of fit and healthy workforce remains vital to iLEAD’s vision and this heath camp testified the same.
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