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Get The Best Out of Your Heritage Property


Event On : 02 Oct 2015

The seminar on "Get the best out of your heritage property" held at iLEAD on the 2nd of October was the most informative one. It saw some of the most eminent personalities in the field of tourism, art and culture speak on how to restore the heritage properties and use them for the owner's best financial benefit. The speakers mostly focused on states like Gujarat and Rajasthan which are known for their historical value. These two states are rich in heritage properties like havelis and have set up the best examples of maintaining and restoring them.

Debashish Nayak, the present director of Heritage Management Department of Ahmadabad University, former commissioner and a globally acclaimed Heritage Conservationist spoke about how they have restored various heritage properties in and around Ahmadabad. According to him heritage walks are a great way of exploring the culture and heritage of a particular city for tourists and it can be used to promote the major events which take place in that area.

Mr. Shailendra Agarwal has been a part of recreation of Jaipur's heritage for a really long time. His idea is to get the youth more involved in the work of restoration and promotion. He mentioned a few projects that have been started in Amer for the tourist and he feels if the government shows a bit more support then the tourism will be booming.

The major problem being faced by these heritage sites is that they are being demolished as there is no proper law to save them. This just proves that we need better laws and reforms to save them. There are various reformers who are calling out to young talented architects who would help them restore their properties in a better manner and help them utilise the property to its fullest. They plan to convert these culturally strong places into smart cities and promote them in the world tourism market.

Another way to promote these places is by getting bloggers involved in the whole process. They can use their platform to promote the heritage sites as a tourist spot. This way the promotion can be done in the world market and help the owners earn revenue out of them.

The event concluded with the thought that technology and modern marketing platforms should be used more to propagate about heritage properties.

iLEAD would like to inform you all about the informative seminar on “Get The Best Out of Your Heritage Property” on 2nd October at iLEAD from 10:00 am onwards. 

The Principal Secretary of Tourism, Art & Culture, Government of Rajasthan is one of the esteemed speakers of the seminar. He will be delivering a talk on various subsidies and financial aids that Haveli and Heritage Building owners can receive from the Government of Rajasthan for preserving, restoring and converting their heritage properties into economically viable and practical models such as heritage hotels, souvenir shops or mixed use buildings for tourist attraction.

Other esteemed speakers at the seminar are:

  • High ranking officials from Indian Heritage Hotels Association
  • Dr. Debashish Nayak, the present director of Heritage Management Department of Ahmedabad University and former commissioner and globally acclaimed Heritage Conservationist
  • Mr. Gopal Singh, Heritage activist from Bikaner, Rajasthan

Through this seminar, the participants or Heritage building owners would learn how to take up this task of heritage preservation and conservation so as to preserve their ancestral homes in Rajasthan through an economically viable model which would not only help them conserve their heirloom, family history but also bring regular income and appreciation to their property while generating employment opportunities for the locals and at the same time contribute to preserving and conserving India’s rich heritage. Thus, the seminar aims to show these heritage property owners the way to making the best use of their fast deteriorating heritage property.

Event Details

 Date: 2nd October (Friday)

Venue:  Dale Carnegie Auditorium

iLEAD Campus
113 J Matheswartola Road.
Near Hotel Park Regency. 
Kolkata – 700046  

Time:   10:00 am – 2:00 pm (followed by lunch)

This event is complimentary, but prior registration is mandatory.

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