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Environmental Campaign at iLEAD


Event On : 26 Apr 2018

iLEAD witnessed an environmental campaign which conducted by Prof. Archan Mitra, a faculty of Media Science. The session was centered on presentations by the students of Media Sciences regarding various areas of Environment which are of serious concern to human beings. The session was judged by Ms. Mom Mitra, a faculty of Media Studies at iLEAD, Mr Karandeep Sutradhar who is a successful young entrepreneur and is also an expert digital marketing strategist and Mr Nitin Kumar who was earlier a production engineer and presently the partner of the entrepreneurial venture of Mr. Karandeep. The session witnessed some interesting presentations on some crucial areas of Environmental awareness. The students of BMS 2A and BMS 2B were divided into various teams who gave 15 minute presentation in front of the judges.

The presentation in this regard included topics like:

Endangered Royal Bengal Tiger

Protection of Flora and Fauna in Nature

Preservation of the Golden Langoor species

Solution to water pollution

Endangered Dolphins

Climate change

Endangered Asiatic lions

Air pollution

Saving Fin Whales

Soil pollution

Saving the Giant Panda

Afforestation and Deforestation

Noise pollution

All the presentations discussed above focused on using social media platforms and other direct marketing tools to spread the awareness on environment. The presentations of the each of the group were followed by a round of questions by the distinguished judges about the purpose, nature and scope of the campaign. The students tried their best to convince the judges through their statistics and public reports about the effectiveness of their campaign. Each of the campaign had a distinguished logo and some associate partners who were helping the group to raise fund and promote the campaigns in various circles of the society. The judges gave each of the groups marks according to their unique ideas and capacity of innovation through their campaign. The participants even visited several platforms of society like schools, orphanages and even the streets to understand the psyche of the various age groups about their concern about environmental issues. The common objective of all the participants was to gather more and more petitions which could fetch the attention of various administrative bodies to take drastic steps through formulation of a concrete environmental management and reforms policy. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the varied presentations which included fascinating audio visual content which showcased the endangered species and the threats that lay in front of nature. The session ended with the prize distribution ceremony. There were two prizes which included- prize for the Most Innovative Campaign and Best Environmental Campaign.

The prize for the most innovative campaign went to the group which put forth the presentation on Air pollution named LUFT. The best environmental campaign award went to the group which presented the topic of water pollution named Boond. The event ended with a hope that these types of Environmental campaigns will make the student community aware about their pioneering role in saving nature from the grave problems which has put its future existence in front of a big question mark.

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