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Dialogic 2017 at iLEAD


Event On : 10 Mar 2017

The iLEAD Debate Club arranged its second edition of intra-college debate, “Dialogic” on 10th of March. Six teams participated in Dialogic to debate for and against the topics - ‘Minimum Educational Qualification is required to Contest at Elections’ and ‘Open Source is a Threat to Capitalism’. Putting on their thinking hats the participants put forward their opinions to a packed auditorium.    

The moderator from Jadavpur University, researcher and independent film maker, Mr. Dhritisundar Roy Chowdhury, opened the house for both debate sessions. ‘This is a country where we do not know the qualifications of our current PM’, is how Mr. Roy Chowdhury started off. What followed was an intense discussion. 

For instance, in debater Shreya Gupta’s words, ‘who will you go to treat your disease? Is it the doctor or the person who wants to be a doctor?’ hit the bull’s eye whereas Soham Das and Aditya Prasad’s words ‘ultimately what degree do you want the panchayat to have?’ also rung in the audience’s ears. During the second debate, many of those present in the audience were enlightened on the concept of Open Source and Capitalism. 

Dialogic witnessed, Shreya Gupta, victorious as the Best Speaker after receiving tough competition from Ibrahim Ali and Raj Dey.

Soham Das and Aditya Prasad won the trophy as the Winning Team, after receiving tough competition from MehulAgarwal and Jai Gadhia.

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