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Dawat- E- Rang at iLEAD


Event On : 15 Mar 2017

Dawat- E- Rang, a food fest and competition organized by iLEAD students on the iLEAD Campus 2 rooftop area on March 15th was a visual and innovative gastronomic treat for all foodies in iLEAD. The judges for this event with their discerning taste for authenticity and finesse were iLEAD Chairman Mr Pradip Chopra, Executive Director Pragya Chopra and iLEAD Faculty Arkaprava Chattopadhyay.

Chatore Chaturs and Chatpate Rangbaaz was the Chaat section presented by students of BBA 2A.  Khelbo Holi and Tak Jhal Mishti was the Bengali cuisine section by BBA 2B students comprising of Bengali platter with Puchka Fruit Chaat, Aam Panna, Sabudana Papad with Fried Bengali Rice on Top.  There were also dishes like Alur Dum Taco, Mini Gulab Jamun with Dry Fruits. Naga Mundas and Manipuri Pichkaris in the North East cuisine section impressed the foodies with dishes like Szechwan Momo.  Culinary innovations saw a new turn with Mumbai Street Food section like Rangeeli Bambai and Mast Mumbaikars who prepared dishes like Dahi Golgappe, Chocolate Golgappa, Vada Taco and much more. The Gujarati section with Handvais, Gujarati Gubbare made by students of BBA 4B welcomed all lovers of Gujarati food.  The food extravaganza had more delicious treats in store with North Indian section by BBA 6 students dishing out Chole, Pyaaz Ke Parathe with Homemade Butter, Pulao and Rajma. Biryani Badshahi, Kabab E Khas, Roll-E-Raseela prepared by MSC 4 students was the perfect treat for North Indian food lovers. Thandais and Sherbets were a sweet, sour and soothing conclusion to the banquet. 

The champions of the event were BBA 4 A with their South Indian section Thailavans and Dakshini Dholis which made splendid South Indian preparations, impressing foodies with culinary expertise. 

Handvais (BBA 4B) won the accolades for Most Theme Oriented Team while Most Innovative Teams were Desi Nawabs ( MSC 4), Rangeeli Bambai and Mast Mumbaikars (BMS 2B).  The runners up were Mast Mumbaikars (BMS 2B) while Tak Jhal Mishti won the Second Runners Up position.    

iLEAD Chairman Mr Pradip Chopra praised the culinary innovations and announced the opening of Kitchen Studio in the iLEAD Campus where any student can register for a video shoot of their preparation.      

The event was concluded with Holi celebration – play with colours, dance and music and students now eagerly await the Dawat-E-Rang of next year.
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