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CSR Session


Event On : 22 Sep 2018

A seminar was conducted at iLEAD on 22nd September called “CSR: Utilization of fund as per statutory norms”. It provided a comprehensive overview of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Indian corporations following the 2013 legal mandate on corporate spending of profit for CSR. The session started with a welcome address by Mr. Soumyajit Mahapatra, Chairman, PRSI (Kolkata). PS Group and iLEAD chairman, Mr. Pradip Chopra spoke on CSR and his engagements in this field. This was followed by the felicitation of Dr Saikat Maitra, Vice Chancellor of MAKAUT who graced the occasion with his presence and a speech. This was followed by Mr Nandu Belani, President of CREDAI, Kolkata, speaking on some key concepts, CSR and the norms.

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