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Blood Donation Camp at iLEAD


Event On : 04 Nov 2016

A Blood Donation camp was organized by Project Life Force at iLEAD on 4th November.  The Blood Donation Awareness Camp organized on the previous day enlightened students about the rules, regulations and benefits of blood donation. Few key points in this awareness program was how blood donation poses no threat to the metabolism of the body, how donating blood can enrich the capacity of blood banks in the country and what makes one an eligible donor. On November 4th, numerous student blood donors signed up for the donation.  After necessary checkups, the candidates donated their blood and received acknowledgement certificates with their photographs on them. Apart from encouragement provided to the donors by the army medics, healthy food combos and glucose were also provided to the donors for rejuvenating back to stability after the donation. iLEAD and Project Life Force took a step ahead in the mission to make Bengal a zero blood deficit state with this two day event.
Project Life Force (PLF) was formed in the summer of 2013 keeping in view the acute shortage of blood donors in West Bengal. The idea was to bridge this gap in the short-term while having a youth oriented plan to completely overcome the shortage by the year 2020.     
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