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BSc and BBA Semester 4 Students Trip to Darjeeling


Event On : 25 Apr 2017

Student trip is an essential element of any professional course. For applied professional courses like business management and media sciences, the importance is much more. Management and media are two areas of knowledge where you need practical learning to make your career strong.  Trip to Darjeeling is also a similar experience for all sorts of degree management and media students. BMS Kolkata is one such platform where the students of media science get the opportunity of getting visited to certain places like Darjeeling to explore the scenic beauty of nature. The students took a tour of the entire Darjeeling area and visited its varied spots of attraction. Unity among the students and the teachers was truly visible in the entire event.

The students and the other team members took several photographs at varied places of  Darjeeling. The hilly terrains and the water dynamics of the area is simply amazing and creates an unforgettable experience every time you visit there. The bachelor degree students of media science enjoyed the trip thoroughly and it was undoubtedly a welcome break for them in between the intense and rigorous curriculum. BSC academy Kolkata undoubtedly gives students a open platform for making travel a serious part of main frame of education.

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