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Alumni Meet- DigiChamps Session by Gourav Rath


Event On : 31 Mar 2017

iLEAD’s Alumni Meet is not a new event for its current batch of students. Realizing the paramount influence that alumni members have on present day learners, the institute organizes a plethora of events and activities. On the 31st of March, the Alumni mentors alongside students got in touch with one of the ex-students, Gourav Rath, from its BMS Batch (2012-2015).

From a student at iLEAD to the Senior Project Associate at DigiChamps, the boy has set a living and inspirational story for fellow iLEADERS. After he graduated, he moved back to his native place at Bhubaneswar and pursued online blogging and content writing at Content Hub. A sudden twist of fate occurred wherein he was confined to the bed for a long time span of 8 months after he met with an almost fatal accident. But life had other plans for him. A new prospect emerged before him and he left his content work. His friend and he then began with the new and trendy form of e-learning via DigiChamps.

For those unaware about this highly successful platform, DigiChamps is a first-of-its-kind EdTech Start-up that’s based out of Eastern India. The concept came to the fore only last year and it took off from there where they worked with the goal of creating an online schooling experience for students all over the world. Needless to say that most of our lives are now online, so why not school and learning? This team hence focuses on providing unique video content i.e. pre-recorded classroom teachings. This has been possible after teachers spend endless hours on the project concerned and the video team shoots for hours at a stretch. The web team then produces the perfect amalgamation after fusing the teachings and animation and other graphics work.

Gourav has no regrets about leaving his content job for he found it a tad boring. In fact, it was amazing to see him literally thanking the truck driver who was responsible for the deadly accident that led him to choose a different career path altogether. While on the dais, he demonstrated how the team executes the work and it is indeed no child’s play! His has been a start-up and for any budding entrepreneur, it’s a cumbersome work to get things done at the right time within a limited budget. Not to miss out, the technical glitches and other extraneous factors that might play spoilsport!

At present, DigiChamps is being mentored by reputed CEOs of the tech industry start-ups in the country and they have gathered enough experience to move into other states metros like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Gourav’s work will truly stand an example for those who wish to follow in his footsteps. After all, the values that the company has in the form of developing an educational system driven by a practical approach and that emphasizes on fundamental learning rather than an examination-oriented approach is something worth marvelling at.

Prior to concluding the session that barely lasted for an hour, Gourav invited students who would also be interested to take the journey at DigiChamps alongside him and many others to experience hands-on learning in a unique way.

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