National Urban Livelihoods Mission

iLEAD Foundation Skills is the leading training organization in India, works with diverse communities to impart skill development and livelihood programs.

iLEAD ensures active participation and training to young men and women and workers towards meeting domestic as well as global skill needs.

iLEAD is conducting Skill training at the campus at 113J Matheswartola Road,Kolkata-700046(Topsia More)

Besides we are under training partner for NULM of other following states too:




iLEAD would aim at universal coverage of the urban poor for skill development and credit facilities. It will strive for skills training of the urban poor for market-based jobs and self-employment, facilitating easy access to credit.

NULM provides low levels of education and skill in the unorganized sector workers have resulted in their inability to access the opportunities offered by emerging markets. It will up-grade the skill among the youth for better livelihoods opportunities in urban areas.

Due to lack of skill among the poor section of the society they face deprivation in terms of lack sanitary living conditions and their well-being is hampered by discrimination, social exclusion.


 Our focus is to conduct training to the school/college dropouts, women. They will be trained by the expert trainers of our institute.

Impact on Society

 This skill training that would be given by iLEAD, is very much beneficial for the backward people that will definitely help them to be a self-dependent person.

 Unemployment, a major issue of our nation can be reduced gradually by this skill training. As a social worker it’s a great opportunity for iLEAD to serve our country.


iLEAD has its own expert faculty for each skill sector. Mainly the unskilled people working in the labour market or who are jobless will get the full assistance of our faculty. This skill training will make people expert in the respective field.

Quick Look

  • Course Structure Open or Close

    iLEAD will impart training in the following sectors:

    Social Mobilisation and institutional Development (SM&ID)

    Capacity building and training (CB&T)

    Employment through skill training and placement (EST&P)

    Self-employment programme (SEP)

    Support to Urban Street Vendors (SUSV)

    Scheme for shelter for Urban Homeless (SUH)

  • Course Fees Open or Close

    This courses are FREE OF COST. The candidates will get a reward amount*, which will be credited to the candidate bank account directly.
    *- Amount not disclosed yet.

  • Application Process Open or Close

    Its process:

    Application to be filled up

    Provide your Aadhaar Card and bank account details.

    Be trained in accordance with qualification packs formulated by the Sector Skill Councils.

    Towards the end of the course, you will be assessed by a Sector Skill Council approved agency.


    If you get through you will receive a skill card and government certification.

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  • Learning Experience Open or Close

    Besides theoretical knowledge, Candidates will get the practical knowledge as well through which they can earn their livelihood. iLEAD is having an excellent infrastructure with well equipped labs. Theoretical knowledge will help them to understand the lab experiments.

  • Placement Open or Close

    As a certified training provider we assist trainee in finding jobs that match their skill set. Hence we have created a platform where our certified skilled students are able to meet the requirements of the industry.

    The objective is to make the process of finding employment completely

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