Entrepreneurship Program

Start date: 29-September-2018

Duration: 3 Months

In this competitive environment, creating an enterprise is something that needs to begin from the scratch. Here, innovation needs to be coupled with market demands, to ensure a successful enterprise setup. It is important that sustainable business models are developed that can meet the challenges of the market. Providing competency-based education with a view to promote entrepreneurship has been the top-most agenda of the government in India for the last few years.

With the Indian economy projected to grow at a fast pace, there is no denying the fact that the world of business ownership is expected to expand rapidly. There is also a positive business environment in the country that inspires innovation and encourages young entrepreneurs to take risks and pursue their dreams. India’s development can stand on a firm footing only if it remains on the base of strong entrepreneurs.

Course Objective

The course designed by iLEAD is to assist aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own ventures by learning the simple tricks of the trade, and using them effectively to their advantage. The course will offer hands-on training opportunities; tips on how to start your own enterprise, helping newbie entrepreneurs develop efficient business models by providing live project experience to the participants. The programme will coach budding entrepreneurs by guiding them through inspiring success stories of some real life entrepreneurs.

Remember, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

Join this course and make it happen.

Quick Look

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    Course Content
    1. Identifying Unique Business Ideas/ Opportunities
    2. Making a Business Plan
    3. Identifying components for Business setup
    4. Building on Organizational Core Values
    5. Fundamentals of Cost Management & Liquidity
    6. Supply Chain Management
    7. Customer Relationship Management
    8. Human Resource Management
    9. Time Management
    10. Crisis Management
    11. Marketing Management
    12. PR & Networking
    13. Honing Organizational Skills
    14. Business Ethics
    15. Live Business Project Proposals for Investment

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