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ILEAD Kolkata awarded for Outstanding Partnership by Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs- IICA for conducting its CSR Management Program!! This is a super prestigious recognition as only 3 centres in India was given this award.

iLEAD in collaboration with Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs is offering a 9-month, first of its kind CSR course. This IICA certified programme will train participants to be among the best CSR professionals in the country. IICA will also facilitate placement of all individual students at the end of the 9-month period.

According to Companies Act, 2013, at least 2% of a company’s average net profit of immediately preceding three financial years has to be spent on CSR activity and the total amount needed to be spent in Financial Year 2015-16 is estimated to be Rs 20,000 crores. Every coming year this expenditure is expected to grow by at least 10-12%. However, this expense is subject to compliances of the guidelines prescribed under company law.

CSR professionals with sound knowledge only can help companies benefit from the expenditure and provide a detailed analysis of spending and the impact it is creating on the targeted beneficiary as well as the bottom line of the company.

The CSR study of 2015 has found that many companies have scaled up operations in CSR and are looking at it as the main activity to build their image and brand equity. However, only 18% of companies in the market are complying to the norms today due to lack of awareness and paucity of quality manpower. But surely their numbers are likely to go up in the coming years. This could only be achieved through employment of qualified and certified CSR professionals.

Some companies already have a very large number of certified and qualified CSR professionals in their payroll. Examples are Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Tata Motors Ltd, Larsen & Tourbo Ltd and Steel Authority of India.

Quick Look

  • Eligibility Criteria Open or Close

    A Bachelor’s Degree of a minimum of 3 years duration or its equivalent (under the 10+2+3 pattern fulfilling the mandatory requirements of 15 years of formal education) from a recognized university, in any discipline – with a minimum of 45% in aggregate.

    Desirable Qualifications

    Graduates from any field as well as practicing professionals from corporate sector who are actively engaged in the development and social responsibility activities. Housewives and retired individuals with passion for social work can also enroll.


    Selection process

    Individual Candidates: Once the eligibility criteria are met, an Online Entrance Test** will be conducted in Centres across India. Working knowledge of computers is essential to undertake the online entrance test.

    Sponsored Candidates: Filled application forms may be submitted online by the CEOs / relevant authority nominating the candidates. The selection of such candidates will be on a first come first serve basis. No online entrance test is required.

    Exempted Candidates: Such candidates who qualify under this category, must apply directly by sending a mail to icpcsr.iica@gmail.com for registration and admission. They must submit, with this mail, their Resume, Cover Letter / Application for Admission to the course and a Letter from a NGO/Corporate/Organisation that is nominating. No online entrance test is required. Admission shall be on the discretion of IICA.

    Important Dates

    Registration Opens 5th October 2016
    Registration Closes 31st December 2016**
    Course Commences March/April 2017**

    ** Online Entrance Examination will be held in 4th quarter of financial year 2016-17 (January to March 2017). Exact date would be intimated later. Dates are subject to change as per need. Please look up www.iica.in for any updates in this regard.

  • Course Structure Open or Close

    The 9-month (36 weeks) ICP-CSR has been structured as follows:

    14 weeks of online/non-contact study during which transaction of the curriculum would be done in teaching mode, providing reinforcement, chat time through the Master Trainers provided by the ICP in CSR Partners and trained by the IICA, and other modes of e-learning through a Learning Management System.

    4 weeks of contact classes with an online exam on each of these 4 weekends to be undertaken at the premises of the partner institutions.

    12 weeks of project work with a NGO/Foundation/ Trust/Society/Section 8 company (facilitated by IICA)

    3 weeks of corporate attachment facilitated by the IICA

    Proposed Subjects to be taught during the entire Programme:

    1. Definitions and Concept of CSR;

    2. History and evolution of CSR (International Generic)

    3. History and Evolution of CSR (Indian, Detailed);

    4. International frameworks;

    5. Issues in Indian Economy and Social Development;

    6. Government Expectations, Roles and Responsibilities (Development Centric Agenda);

    7. Evolution of Indian CSR framework (Pre Companies Act 2013);

    8. Companies Act 2013;

    9. Corporate Governance and CSR;

    10. Preparation of CSR Policy and Process of Policy Formulation;

    11. Project and Programme Mode;

    12. Monitoring Mechanism and Tools;

    13. Evaluation (Concurrent and Final Evaluation);

    14. Social Impact Assessment and CSR Audit;

    15.Brand Building and Corporate Image;

    16.Reporting Framework (Dummy filling);

    17.Case Studies(Sector specific);

    18. Role of Civil Society;

    19. Role of Social Entrepreneurs;

    20. Role of Supply Chain;

    21. Role of banking/Investors;

    22. Sustainable Development (SD);

    23. Business Case Models for CSR

    *Subjects may change as per course requirement

    Candidate Information and code of Conduct

    1. All course related queries to be directed first to the Contact/study centre (ICP in CSR Partner hereafter) nearest to the geographical location/city of the candidate, in accordance with office hours of the concerned institution. In case the query remains unanswered/unsatisfied, the candidate may contact IICA at 0124-2640122 (10am – 5pm; Mon – Fri) or write an email to : icpcsr.iica@gmail.com

    2. All registered candidate will be allocated a Test Centre as close to their geographical location/city as possible.

    3. All selected candidates will be allocated ICP in CSR Partners Contact/Study Centre as close to their geographical location/city as possible.

    4. Each selected candidate will also be provided an Identity Card by the IICA at the time of On-Boarding at the commencement of the course. This card must always be in the possession of the student while visiting any facility or organization during any ICP in CSR related work/study.

    5. Once a selected candidate is allocated a Contact/Study Centre, s/he must communicate directly with that ICP in CSR Partner for all course-related matters.

    6. Each candidate must strictly adhere to the disciple norms of the IICA and ICP in CSR Partner Institution. A detailed code of conduct guideline will be provided to the selected candidates during the On-Boarding. This would broadly cover the candidate conduct during:

         Email chats with Trainers during Online study.

         Online test at the ICP in CSR Partner premise

         3 weeks of Corporate Attachment

         12 weeks of Project Work at the NGO/Foundation/Trust/Society/Section 8 Company that the candidate is assigned to

    7.  Use of mobiles phones must be avoided/ restricted to the extent possible during transaction of the course.

    8.  In case a candidate is found to be in breach of this Code of Conduct, her/his candidature may be terminated by the IICA. The ICP in CSR Partners will first furnish a written warning to the erring candidate. If non-compliance continues, the partner will issue a request to the IICA for necessary action and/ or termination.

    Placement Disclaimer

    IICA will facilitate the placement of all the individual students at the end of the 9-month period. This may be in collaboration with willing corporate entities which also provide support during the programme.

  • Course Fees Open or Close

    To find out details, call us at +918334878444/ 8335866691+91.33.40182000/02 or mail us at professional.courses@ilead.net.in

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