Cambridge Marketing College

iLEAD (Institute of Leadership Entrepreneurship and Development) and Cambridge Marketing College (CMC), UK  has launched international certification programme in Digital Marketing in Eastern India for students and professionals who have ambitions to develop a global career in Marketing. 

Why CMC?

Cambridge marketing College is one of the leading marketing colleges in Europe that has been disseminating marketing courses since last 25 years

It is one of the top five accredited study centre of the highly acclaimed Chartered Institute of Marketing of UK

The college organises regular management related events, conferences (Cambridge Digital Marketing conference is a famous one)

Marketing-Gurus like Philip Kotler, Malcolm Mcdonald and Kevin Bishop are speakers at the college’s annual lectures

It has already trained more than 10000 who hold significant positions companies like — Airbus, American Express, BMW, Barclays, Canada Life, Citroen, Deutsche Bank, Ernst Young, Lloyds, Nokia, SmithKline Beecham, and General Motors Orange etc.

A recent independent survey has shown the average career progression value of its graduate to be £10,000 per year in UK

Focused on practical decision making than theoretical knowledge

The knowledge material contains not only books and hand outs but also contemporary blogs, webcasts, radio show and other internet material along with suggested readings

Apart from UK and Europe, the college operates in Dubai, Cairo, Mumbai and Kolkata

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