Love and Romance in Marriage


‘A Book to ensure a happy married life’ In this modern day and age, when we are all pressed for time, we often tend to overlook the most important emotions in our life: love and caring. This book takes an invaluable look at how we can keep love and romance flourishing in our marital lives and what are the areas we need to concentrate on to keep our relationships alive. I was busy drafting a writ petition in my mind (I am a lawyer!) regarding a matrimonial dispute, and was pleasantly interrupted by the arrival of this book. The thought that someone could send a book like this, to spread whatever joy or goodwill, for no reason, made me read the entire book immediately. If some of my clients had received and read this book, AND followed its contents, probably there would be less disputes in the courts today. Once again, thank you! James, Lawyer Full Colour, 84 pages;