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To become a premier media and management school recognized globally for its excellence in creation of high thinking professionals and visionaries.


  • Strive continuously to provide best learning experience, both inside and outside classroom, and place equal emphasis on acquisition as well as application of knowledge, thus emerging as the best media and management school in India
  • To provide world-class enabling infrastructure and use the best of modern technology to create an ambience that facilitates a smooth learning process
  • To ensure education is imparted via motivated teachers who would constantly upgrade their skills by adapting to latest education technologies and best practices
  • To facilitate an industry-academic interface that would involve the participation of our students in live relevant projects that would be implemented through iLEAD
  • To provide assistance to our students with the best internship and placement opportunities
  • To deal in a fair and transparent fashion with all our stakeholders - students, faculty members, placement providers, non-teaching staff and regulators
  • To create an Institute which would be a great place to pursue academic excellence and relevant research
  • To ensure an inspiring work environment that encourages people to learn and motivate each other in order to work together as a team while respecting individualities and different viewpoints
  • To create an Institute of excellence that emerges as a significant knowledge contributor that is instrumental in transforming our nation from a developing to a developed one
  • To impart value based education to create students who would be responsible and concerned corporate citizen and who would take every opportunity to make this world a better place to live in.

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