Notice Board

Please keep the following things in mind, which will be followed henceforth with the start of semester:

  • All students have to maintain 75% attendance.( For non-payment of fine, 75% overall attendance is required.)
  • From this Semester onwards, Students’ Class attendance should minimum 50% (Excluding Medical and non-Academic Credit Points) to be eligible for semester exam.
  • Medical will be taken into consideration only in the cases of chicken pox, measles and accidental cases(subject to hospitalization)
  • Non academic credit points will only be taken into consideration only when you have 50% class attendance.
  • Students having attendance below 50% at the end of semester, will not be allowed to sit for university examination for that particular semester.
  • All information regarding students will be available through website & physical notice-board only.
New Academic Calendar ( July 2018- June 2019 ) is published.
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