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iLEAD Student Council 2016 - 2017

Event On : 6-AUG-2016
Till : 6-Aug-2016

The following are names of Student Council members, the clubs alongside the respective faculty who were present on the dais for badging and oath-taking:

President Sukhbinder Singh BBA 2014 Mentor Dr Sudipto Bhattacharyya 

Vice-President Abhishek Tiwari BBA 2014 Mentor Dr Sudipto Bhattacharyya

Secretary Taqdeesur Rahman BBA 2014 Dr Sudipto Bhattacharyya

For Academics:Head Vibha Gupta, BBA Rajasmita Dutta BMS Mentor Ishita Dutta Ray / Anindita Bose Academics-Assistant Mehul Agarwal BMS

For Discipline: Student Head: Yash Beria (BBA 2014) and  Assistant- Heads:  Namrata Shah (B.Sc. 2015) & Siddhant Srivastava (BBA 2015), with mentors, Dr. Debamitra Mitra & Mr. Gaurab Chatterjee

For Cultural: Student Head: Nikita Shah (BBA 2014) and  Assistant-Heads:  Anushka Upasak (BBA 2015), Siddhi Mehrotra (BBA 2015), Shaista Khatoon (B.Sc. 2015) & Fazal Elahi (B.Sc. 2015), with mentors, Ms. Dipanwita Roy, Ms. Gairika Mitra & Ms. Aishwarya Chatterjee

For Seminars/Events:Student Head: Rashi Agarwal (B.Sc. 2014) and  Assistant- Heads: Sadique Rayees (BBA 2015) & Aditya Prasad (B.Sc. 2015), with mentors Dr. Debasis Ray, Dr. Soumik Gangopadhyay & Ms. Amreen Izhar

For Corporate Relations:Student-Head: Priyanka Mall (B.Sc. 2014) and Assistant-Head: Mitul Sheth (BBA- 2015), with mentors, Mr. Gautam Shaw & Ms. Sookanya Dasgupta

For Debate:Student Head: Anisha Das (B.Sc. 2014) and Assistant-Head: Tridha Ghosal (B.Sc. 2015), with mentor, Ms. Neha Gupta

For Social Media:Student Head: Yatika Kochar (M.Sc. 2015) and Assistant- Head: Jaya Bhatra (B.Sc. 2015), with mentor, Ms. Mom Mitra

For Film & Photography:Student Head: Lekha Lohia (M.Sc. 2015) and  Assistant-Heads: Mustafa Rangoonwala (B. Sc. 2015) & Kunal Panchamia (B. Sc. 2015), with mentors, Ms. Suchi Maheshwari & Mr. Arkaprava Chattopadhyay

For Alumni:Student Head: Akhil Gupta (BBA-2014) and Assistant- Head:  Soham Das (BBA 2015), with mentors, Ms. Anindita Bose & Ms. Sookanya Dasgupta

For Food & Recreation:Student Head: Sneha Bhagat (B.Sc. 2014) and Assistant Head: Akriti Grover (B. Sc. 2015), with mentor, Ms. Sanjukta Manna

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