B.Sc in Animation, Multimedia and Graphics

Haven’t you got mesmerized by movies like Big Hero 6, Matrix or Minions? Haven’t you wondered how Shivam Jemini, a Shah Rukh Khan fan got a job in SRK’s VFX Company, Red Chillies Entertainment? How the animation movies like Ice Age series was made or how wizards in Harry Potter series could fly in broomsticks and cast spells? The visual magic that you see on screen is indebted to the genius of the Animation and VFX teams. A course in Animation, Multimedia and Graphics can help students tap into the opportunities of the growing international market where there’s a massive demand for Animation and Multimedia artists.

The animation, VFX and post-production industry in India has grown by 20% and in the next two years even it will grow at least by 18%. The platforms that require an animation or multimedia teams are not just films but also other areas like marketing presentations, software development, mobile apps, user interface, outdoor ads, billboards, mobile gaming and much more. This demand is increasing globally every day as there’s a great need for skilled and qualified manpower.

The entire world is looking at India which is the largest and one of the most cost effective hubs of the global film industry offering skilled and qualified manpower, especially in Animation, Multimedia and Graphics.

A multimedia and animation artist or graphic designer can work from home or any location of the world for any client in another part of the world as a freelancer while they already have a full-time job. Women often for personal reasons cannot go to another city or an office in the same city. As an animation artist and multimedia artist anyone can work from home for multimillion dollar projects. Anyone can earn a salary of a global benchmark as an animation artist if they are working for an MNC or for their own enterprise serving global clients. Today even a game developer or web designer needs Animation and VFX team as much as a director requires a camera or a cinematographer. There is large number of gaming companies in India which requires animation artists and graphic designers. VFX and animation of numerous multi-billion dollar Hollywood movies are outsourced from India.

iLEAD not only deals with education industry but also with the Film Production industry. It has produced award winning films like Dost, Awaaz, The Radio, Bapu, I Can Lead and many more. iLEAD Production had clients like PS Group, MTV Indies, Viacom 18, Aakash Institute, Newtown School, Indian Silk House, Manyavar, Saregama India Ltd, Hindustan Records and counting. Not only we can teach you, we can also give you an opportunity to work with us in our multimedia, animation or Graphics team. Numerous seminars, workshops, interaction with the industry experts, conducted at iLEAD are an absolute necessity for an aspiring animation or multimedia artist.

If you are an Animation, Multimedia and Graphics graduate you work in various areas like:

  • Graphic Designing
  • Digital Artist 
  • Web Designing
  • 2D and 3D Animation 
  • Multimedia 
  • 3D Modeler 
  • Story Board Artist 
  • Flash Designer 
  • Compositor 
  • Compositing VFX Artist 
  • Texturing Artist 
  • Game Designing 
  • Visualizer 
  • Flash Animation 
  • Character Animation 
  • Matte Painting 
  • Technical Direction 
  • Game Designing

Quick Look

  • Eligibility Criteria Open or Close

    Minimum 50% marks or above in Higher Secondary or equivalent examination (CBSE, ISC, A Levels or any other equivalent Board examination) with English as a compulsory subject are preferred.

    Students who are due to appear for Class XII final exams/awaiting results may be given provisional admission depending on their Selection Test (iMAT) scores.

  • Course Structure Open or Close

    Semester 1 Semester 2
    1 Foundation Art-I 1 Foundation Art-II
    2 Classical Animation-I 2 Classical Animation-II
    3 Digital Art 3 3D Design & Modelling
    4 Concept Visualization 4 Advertising & Public Relations
    5 Communication & Communication Theories 5 Animation Techniques
    6 Business Communication 6 Web Technology
    7 Professional Communication & Technical Writing 7 Introduction to Multimedia Communication
    Semester 3 Semester 4
    1 3D Animation-I 1 3D Animation-II
    2 Pre production 2 Special Effects (SFX)
    3 Visual Effects(VFX) Design 3 Post Production
    4 Film Analysis 4 Introduction to Cinematography & Lights
    5 Media & Cyber Laws 5 Management Information Systems
    6 Video &Sound Editing 6 Introduction to TV & Satellite Communication
    7 Principles of Management
    Semester 5 Semester 6
    1 Production Process 1 Digital Film Production
    2 Media Economics 2 Visual Perception
    3 Communication Research 3 Project & Dissertation
    4 Elective-I Modelling &Texturing/ Lighting&Shading/
    5 Elective-II 3DAnimation / Game Art
    6 Industrial Training
    7 Introduction to Digital Image Processing

  • Course Fees Open or Close


    SEMESTER I: Rs.25,000

    SEMESTER II: Rs.25,000

    SEMESTER III: Rs.25,000

    SEMESTER IV: Rs.25,000

    SEMESTER V: Rs.25,000

    SEMESTER VI: Rs.25,000

    TOTAL: Rs.1,50,000

    ONE TIME PAYMENTS (to be paid at the time of admission along with 1st semester fees of Rs.50,000)

    Registration Fees:Rs.30, 000

    Admission Fees: Rs.20,000

    Examination Fees: Rs.15,000

    Library &AV fees: Rs.15,000

    Uniform Fees: Rs.3,500

    Training for Placement Fees: Rs.15,000

    Studio Fees: Rs.25,000

    Security Deposit: Rs.25, 000 (partly refundable)*

    Library Refund: Rs.5, 000 (refundable)*

    TOTAL: Rs.1, 53,500 (includes refundable amounts)

    Grand Total: Rs.3,03,500

    Students to getsoft skills classes, any 1 foreign language, 1 professional course and one educational trip free of cost. Please note that all the fees including semester fees, library and audio-visual lab fees are subject to revision from time to time. Students failing to pay their fees for any semester within the due date will be charged with a late fee of Rs. 5,000 to be paid along with the semester fees. A Security Deposit of Rs. 25,000 collected at the time of admission will be refundable after deducting the Alumni Fees only on successful completion of the entire course. In case the student decides to discontinue with the institute before completion of the course in such case the institute will not be liable to repay the refundable security amount.

    Note: Refund/Adjustments in fees will not be considered under any circumstances in case a student wishes to discontinue with the course at any point of time OR shows disinterest to undergo the professional course offered by the institute OR is not interested to obtain the gadgets and equipment offered by the institute as a part and parcel of the specific course.

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