B.Voc in Theatre Study and Acting

Glamour, money, name and fame does not come to actors who do not learn or hone their skills. Today the search for fresh talents in the world of theatre and films is a hundredfold more than what it was before. The tough competition in the world of acting can be won by those who know their craft and have experience in the stage and screen both. The B.Voc course in Theatre Study and Acting includes topics like Theatre Techniques and Designing, Study of Theatrical Script and Play, Art DIT Direction, Production Management, Production Design Workshop apart from numerous workshops and internships.

Students having completed 10+2 from any stream are eligible to join

ITI qualified students can get direct admission in the 2 nd or 3 rd year.

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  • Course Structure Open or Close

    Semester 1 Semester 2
    1 Introduction to Indian Theatre 1 Traditional Theatre in India
    2 Stage Craft – I 2 Theatre Techniques and Designing-II
    3 Theatre Techniques 3 Stage Craft-II
    4 Performing Arts – I 4 Performing Arts-II
    5 Communication Skills in English – I 5 Communication Skills in English – II
    6 Professional Ethics 6 Fundamentals of Computer
    Semester 3 Semester 4
    1 Retail Store Operations and Profitability Management 1 FORMS OF THEATRE
    2 Customer Experience Management 2 Stage Craft – III
    3 Store Display and Visual Merchandising-II 3 Study of Theatrical Script and Play
    4 Internship Project 4 PERFORMING ARTS – III
    5 Planning Organizing Problem Solving and Decision Making 5 Personality Development
    6 Financial Management and Retail Accounting 6 Environmental Studies
    Semester 5 Semester 6
    1 Stage Craft (Make-Up) 1 Stage Craft (Make-Up) Advance
    2 Theatre (Creativity And Innovations)-II 2 Theatre (Creativity And Innovations)-III
    3 Fundamentals of Direction-I 3 Fundamentals of Direction-II
    4 Audio Production 4 Production Management-II
    5 Production Management-I 5 Personality Development-Advance
    6 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 6 Entrepreneurship Skill Development-III

  • FAQ Open or Close

    1. Who can join the B.Voc courses?

    Any class XII pass out from any board can join the first year of B.Voc course. Students having completed Level 5 of Skill Development Program from any ITI or Polytechnic can also join second year and after completing Level 6 program, directly in third year of the B.Voc graduate program.

    2. What is a B.Voc Course and how is it different from a general degree course?

    In B.Voc course students completing the first year get a Diploma certificate, after second year they get the Advanced Diploma certificate and after completion of third year, they get a B.Voc Degree. This flexibility is not available in normal standard graduation programs of same or similar nomenclature. B.Voc courses are also an excellent opportunity and option for someone who has a problem of committing 3 years at a stretch to an undergraduate program or affording a 3 year fee. In addition these course curriculums are skill focused and industry recommended.

    3. What are the career prospects after doing a B.Voc Course?

    Students passing out from this course will easily find employment in their chosen streams even after completing one year or two years of training. However, after getting this degree they would also be entitled to do any post graduate or M.Voc or Ph.D in their chosen fields.

    4. In which subjects are you offering B.Voc?

    The programs offered under B.Voc are on Retail Management, Animation, Beauty and Aesthetics, Renewable Energy Management, Fashion Technology and Apparel Designing, Theatre Study and Acting

    5. Will we get any industry experience?

    The course curriculum is skill focused and industry recommended with continuous on job training (internship kind of exposure) in collaboration with the industry partners. So industry experiences are substantially embedded in the entire training program.

    6. Is a B.Voc degree given importance in the professional world?

    Most students passing out of graduate or post graduate programs often find that they are disconnected with the requirement of the prospective employer and the industry. A B.Voc student on the other hand gets industry offers from the first year of the course itself. By the time they pass out they are already industry ready and employable in their chosen field with experience of working in the industry. They can also choose to go for higher studies if desired.

    7. What would be consequence if someone is completing one year, leaving college, joining work and again coming back after two years, is he or she eligible to start from 2nd year or straight away study in the 3rd year?

    The student in such case has to start from the 2nd year. They can resume from where they left the course. This is a unique flexibility offered in the program.

    8. What is the age limit?

    There is no age limit.

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