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Pradip sir

Over the last 20 years, GDP per capita in India has nearly tripled from USD 517 to USD 1415. Poverty levels have halved from 45% in 1994 to 22%in 2012. In spite of recent economic challenges, India is poised to become the third largest economy in the world by 2030. Over 50% of Indian population is below 25 years in age and our biggest challenge is to empower them with education and skills in this increasingly competitive global economy driven by knowledge.

From time immemorial, India has been the epicenter of learning for students from across the world. Some of the best faculty members in most of the world-class education institutions are from India, many from our own city & state and they are more than willing to contribute towards Kolkata's aspiration to become the global education hub that it once was.

We live in an increasingly interconnected world that is changing faster than ever before. The pace of change in future well be even faster driven by technology .Thankfully the pace at which these technologies have been adopted in India is unprecedented. The spread of mobile connections is a telling example. The first mobile phone call was made in 1995. In less than 20 years, mobile connections are now all pervasive and have in fact far surpassed landline connections, a service that started more than a century earlier. These technologies would allow India to leapfrog in many areas by passing the intermediary stages of development. It would also enable India to provide world class education to its youth at the fraction of the present cost incurred in other parts of the world.

India, therefore, is at a juncture where it can build world-class education institutions not only to meet the demand of its own youth, but also that of students from developed countries who cannot afford the high cost of education in their own country. The trend of sending our best and brightest to USA and Europe is waning, as most of these world-class B-schools impart management education with little focus on the Indian environment. India has already been ranked 4th as a top destination for Management studies. Our Management education should make our students not only efficient managers but also responsible and compassionate corporate citizen who are ready to contribute towards the overall well- being of the society, nation and world at large as they embark on their work and business lives.

The Indian Entertainment and Media industry is also booming with expected double digit growth in all its segments. Every second we are inundated with news, views, opinions, analyses, visuals, music - you name it - 'media' encompasses it. The constantly changing landscape and dynamics of today's media scenario needs highly skilled professionals who are familiar not only with creative and business practices but also with technology. They need to understand cross-platform dissemination of news and entertainment, combine creative thinking with factual analysis, and be aware of the almost daily innovations taking place globally. Creativity with passion, desire and the ability to make something that adds value to our lives is within all of us. Today even an ordinary person having an idea can make a film. All he needs is a handy cam. One can also share their opinions and unique view with the world through blogs, social media, news channels; the playing field is vast and is growing at an unbelievable pace. No longer is creative expression the privilege of a few accomplished artists, path-breaking film makers or prize winning journalists.

West Bengal has traditionally been the hub of creativity, garnering global respect and recognition for its contribution to the creative arts. There is no dearth of talent in the state. There are, however, very few quality institutions offering contemporary and cutting-edge knowledge that the industry demands. iLEAD aims at restoring West Bengal’s rich legacy and transforming the region’s educational landscape with its unique approach towards learning, by helping mould today’s youth into creative, dynamic, and driven young visionaries of tomorrow. Stay inspired!

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Pradip Chopra

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